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Since deciding to put a cooler in my house, I have noticed a vast improvement in my health and weight. I drink way less pop and carbonated beverages because, the water is always cool and refreshing. My body feels refreshed and recharged and I'm certain it is due to the amount of water I consume. My kids would never drink water from the tap, but now they love it and I feel like I'm giving them something great. And when we're out I can always count on Savanna Springs to provide my family with fast and reliable service.
Andrew Carchedi
We've got well water and from the tap it smells like rotten eggs. I absolutely love Savanna Springs water, I use it to drink, cook with and even brush my teeth.
Stacey Moore
What can I say, Savanna Springs water tastes great, anytime I call they deliver right away and the prices are great.
Mark Tabachino
The water from Savanna Springs tastes amazing. I fill my plastic bottles time and time again, saving money and my health. Thanks alot Savanna Springs.
Dan Phillips
The water is pure and refreshing. The service is second to none. The price is awesome. Keep up the great work.
Dom Leone
I use the distilled water to mix with my baby's formula. I trust Savanna Springs, I know whats in the water or should I say what's not in the water. Tap water, you never know what's in that stuff. Thank you so much Savanna Springs.
Jessica Cene
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