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"Love Savanna Springs. Hate how hard our water is. Hated how my skin felt, how much detergent was needed to wash clothes, even how the water would taste. I recommend Savanna Springs in every home."
- Dom L.
"I don’t have to think about anything. You show up and deliver my salt and if something isn’t working correctly you fix it."
- Jessica C.
"The softener and reverse osmosis systems are GREAT! When we travel, we truly miss the quality and taste of the water we have at home."
- Drew C.
"Steve worked with us to get us the water softener that would be best for our house and budget. He was a total pro installing it and explaining its maintenance. We had a great experience!"
- Robert S.
"Steve recently installed a new softener and drinking water system in my home. I found him to be very professional and courteous and the installation was very well done. Very pleased with job he did."
- John K.
"Steve was very helpful. He was on time, calling ahead before arriving. Once here he was able to explain exactly what he would be doing to fix my water problem. Additionally, he offered to help me with a faucet aerator that had become clogged but I was unable to unscrew. Great customer service and my water problem seems to have been corrected. I’m very happy."
- Matt M.
"Steve came to our “new” house and showed us how to change a filter in our water system. He explained many things to us, including the filtering systems available through Savanna Springs. He was very kind, generous with his time and helpful! I highly recommend him and Savanna Springs. Thank you for the efficient service!"
- Casey H.
"Steve was excellent in determining our water quality and what equipment would correct it to our expectations. He was thorough in his testing, explanation, and evaluation of our options. Our service professional, Bob W, was also excellent for the installation of our new softening system. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced – he made the entire process look effortless. He also accommodated our special requests with ease. Both men were polite and professional, definitely would recommend their services to others."
- Josh G.